Removing the veil of deception: The scams behind Alboraaq Re-Upped

Removing the veil of deception: the scams behind Alboraaq 

Alboraaq is a forum that at first glance appears to be a site dedicated mainly to hacking. However, once you join and have had the chance to play around a little, you will soon see that such forum is plagued with financial details being traded, sold and shared, making it more akin to a carding forum than a hacking forum. The site is an eye candy with its nice web designs and plenty of live members to politic with. However, stay a little longer and the reality of what is Alboraaq begins to sink in. 

That reality is that the forum is a platform for a deception created and perpetrated by its owner, commonly known as T3eS, (now changed his name to Big Brother) who along with its main accomplice, Zedpekeno (who also recently changed his name to Zepequeno) collaborated to rip members who are naïve enough not to believe that such members are engaged in such low, down, dirty, grimy practice. They do not follow or believe the old adage that what is too good to be true most likely is. Some of these members are so hypnotized by the aura of T3eS that they blindly refuse to believe that he has any doing in this scam. Such is a pity as these people will have to learn the truth the hard way. However, the worst ones are the ones that knows exactly what is going on but do not speak upon it because they are happy with their ranks and fear losing such insignificant and superficial power. With their silence they allow and are part of the scams perpetrated by their “Big Boss”. We will, however, digress and move on to those who are in the know and have taken the liberty to speak up and expose this tyrannical ripper for what he is and as a result have been banned and blacklisted from the ABH community. It is to them that this thread and forum is dedicated to.

Reference: This is zed changing his name from Zedpekeno to Zepequeno:

This is T3eS following suit on May 5 changing his name to Big Brother:

Check out his lame excuse for the name change. The real reason is he is trying to hide the fact that T3eS is now infamous for being a ripper as shown by Google search.

So what is the veil of deception being perpetrated by T3eS and Zed? Well, there are two main scams being carried out in that forum. Scams that has been mentioned elsewhere but never more thoroughly addressed and proven as will be covered here. Below u will see the many threads and postings that were once posted at ABH by ex-members but have now since been deleted and its posters banned. Unfortunately for these rippers, records were kept and are still being kept by way of screenshots of most things that transpires in that forum by members who are dutifully undercover catching and exposing these rippers for what they are.

Scam #1
This scam was the original scam created by T3eS in which he made a thread that offers a would be victim the chance to make $1k if he sends him $500 up front by way of Liberty Reserve. T3eS would then send him $2k via Western Union and the victim would then send him another $500 after he supposedly receives the $2k, in effect, making the victim believe he will have a $1k profit for his part. And why would T3eS need $1k via Liberty Reserve if he can hack Western Union and send to himself? Well T3eS simply explains that he is being watched by Law Enforcement and can’t take the risk of going to the WU office himself. Does that sound believable to you? Of course not, as it’s simply not true. What he does is he takes the $500 upfront then blocks your account and changes your password and vouches for himself with the victim’s account. A few people fell victim to this scam and complained about it. See here:…ent-proof.html
and here:…e-300-usd.html

After a while, T3eS, realizing he did not have as many victims biting the bait as he thought he would, teamed up with another member who now calls himself Zepequeno to rip new and more members of their funds. As a matter of a fact, just recently, this month, he effectively removed the thread from his forum as seen here:

He now concentrates on a new scam. And this is where scam number 2 comes into play:

Scam #2
With this scam, Zed advertises that he sells Apple products at a fraction of what u can get it anywhere else; just 25% of the price (a $1000 product for $250 as an example) as well as other popular and sought after gadgets like Galaxy Notes, Blackberries etc. He claims to be such a good carder that he can do this for its members at such a bargain because he is just that good. To make the deal even more enticing, he accepts escrow. That is where the heart of the scam takes place. With the security of escrow, members feel the legitimacy of such transaction. And who could blame them. Unfortunately, they fail to see that it is with escrow itself that the scam can strive. T3eS, as the “Big Boss” of Alboraaq would be in charge of escrow and as the owner and Admin of ABH have the power to manipulate and control what other members see. What exactly does he do? Well, as soon as the victim sends money to escrow, such victim will have his password on his account changed and his account taken over and he will assume the identity of such victim and post with the victim’s account vouching for a smooth transaction with Zed; effectively reeling in other suckers to fall prey to this scam.

It was only a matter of time before such scam was to be exposed, as members who were getting ripped and their accounts changed were notifying other members through messengers of the real situation. The first, if not one of the first, was with a member named Lucky.lolz, which after having the support of a Moderator (The_rav3n) who has since resigned in disgust, was given a refund back and his account reinstated in order to cover their tracks. But after this member started to expose what was going on, his postings were immediately deleted and he was banned by T3eS to silence him and keep him from warning others of the reality of what happened to him and what was going on. And so it was that many members after him were meeting the same fate, getting ripped and banned and those who spoke up had their postings deleted and their account suspended. Even formal members of escrow (Foxmind) were let go for refusing to be part of the scam executed by T3eS.

Now the situation is pretty much known and it’s only a matter of time before T3eS, Zed and all their scams bites the dust. They have open the registration looking for new blood so new members who don’t know any better can get ripped. They have deleted and cleaned out every negative posting that were posted on Zed’s thread to erase any signs of scam alert. All that remains are fake vouches. They have changed their names because of the realization that their names were tainted by a Google search that associates their names with being rippers. They have made Zed’s thread sticky and were bold and seemingly desperate enough to make all members who logged in on May 2nd mandatory to view his thread before proceeding to the forum. They did this by way of redirecting. A message appeared that stated that “Admin required you to see this before you continue.” Imagine that, the Admin pushing a member’s thread so strong. That’s what you call having a “vested interest” in the outcome of this particular scam.

Now, the above information is something that “those in the know” already knew, while others might find this to be a revelation. But this will be the most eye opening and thorough article you will ever read in regards to this scam and what follows is information that not even those who are in the know or even close to the “Big Boss” knew anything in this regard. The shit gets even deeper than what you think. So let us continue this journey and go deeper down the rabbit’s hole.

First off, I’ll cover one tactic that is being used by Zed to vouch for his service in his thread. Most know that the passwords are changed from ex-members who were ripped in order to vouch for his service. But what all don’t know is that in addition to this tactic, what they also do is that they resurrect old member’s profile who has not been active for a long time so that it can appear even more legitimately when old members are vouching for such service. In this link-> you will see an ex ABH member by the name of “elisabelf” commenting “that he will accept Zed’s service’s rules. This member as of that posting appears to be an old and legitimate member. There’s an odd problem though, his post counts are relatively low for being there for nearly two years. Well there’s an obvious reason for this, this member was “resurrected after being inactive for more than a year. He last posted a real post on November of 2010. He then reappeared after over a year and half to coincidently make two extra posts on April 25, 2012 and May 7, 2012. And in what threads did he make those 2 comments? The first was a comment replying to T3eS’s Western Union scam thread and the seconds was to Zed’s thread as shown in the previous link. Now see my explanation with your own eyes here->
There u can see how his last comment was on November of 2010 and then jumped to April and May of this year commenting on both T3eS and Zed’s thread.

Now if u paid attention to the screenshot u will see that it says the comment date is “today” when it comes to Zed’s thread. That is because the screenshot was taken on that same day. Now, I will show u another screenshot of the same page taken on May 12

There we see that the comment to Zed’s thread was in fact made on May 7th and thus the previous screenshot was taken on the 7th. But what else do we see that’s different on the second screenshot? For all you good observers, we see that the Western Union thread no longer appears. That’s goes back to what I mentioned earlier, that T3eS recently removed the thread from his forum. See how everything falls into place? But maybe that’s just a coincidence you might say. Well here’s another example for you. Member “kod3” last posting was also a year ago on May of 2011. Then magically appeared on April 2012 to “deal” with zed’s service. Check out the time lines here:

Note how he proudly proclaims that he is receiving many packages for his business In France:

Convinced now?

Now, as many members who’ve been there long enough can attest to, whenever any deal took place, a screenshot of the money being sent to escrow or refunded was required. Now that is not even the case. All there is is an empty vouch with no one showing any screenshots of any transactions. They have really gotten lazy in their attempt to scam.

Now, for the final and most shocking revelation, here is something that no one, not even those who are close to the “Big Boss” himself, even knows about. But now we will all know. And what is this revelation? Well, without further ado, that revelation is that, ZED IS A MODERATOR IN DISGUISE. In other words ZED has access to ABH as a moderator. He has been the one deleting all those postings and banning those members who say anything negative about his service and who has being changing accounts, resurrecting accounts and vouching in their behalf. And of course nothing here is said without substance and proper proof so without any further delay, take a look at this screenshots of zed’s profile and lay your eyes over where it says “current activity”:

That’s right it says: Moderator Control Panel. Now isn’t that scary and a shocking revelation? Did I not tell you this was going to be an eye opening to all? This was right after a member by the name of “denisko” shouted on the shoutbox that Zed and T3eS were scammers. Notice how he was immediately banned while on the shoutbox:

Now after you have taken the time to take a break and calm down from the shock and have puked in disgust by these actions perpetrated by these scammers, take some time to see a collections of links that pertains to what was discussed above.

Here are some screenshots from ABH shoutbox where members voiced their concerns about the scams perpetrated by T3eS and Zed. Read it from bottom up:

The following are some of the threads and postings that were deleted and no longer available for viewing. We’ll start off with Hezi’s profile, who has already posted here and notified us of his account being hacked after being ripped. Here is his account still being used to fake vouch:

Here’s a member stating the facts as I mentioned earlier on how members were directed to view Zed’s thread->

And where is this member now?
That’s right, closed account same day he posted it.

Here’s another member who spoke up (more like preached on).

Here’s another brother who got scammed

Same day he posted another and got banned

Here’s another member who got ripped:

His account is now completed deleted

Here’s a member responding to Zed after Zed try to make him look bad about a service this member was providing

What happened to him? Account deleted

Another member calling out T3eS

Consequences? Account deleted

Here’s a newbie who made a deal with Zed. Notice the time of the post 3:09pm:

Now here is what happened by 3:58pm:
His only crime was getting ripped.

Now here’s a member who has been with them for a while and tried innocently enough to appeal on behalf of his friends who were ripped to the “Big Boss”:

Here is “S@xxor“, ABH’s staff member, patronizing this member and acting like he doesn’t know what is going on.

Here’s another member’s reply to that thread expressing the same sentiment as most people in ABH, (that sentiment being that they know what is going on but are afraid to speak up because they know that “the powers that be” are the one behind the scam in the first place):

The same day this member boldly made a scam report against Zed

What did that get him? I think u know the answer by now:

Did you notice Big Brother’s remark in that last link on the bottom of the profile? He essentially told this member to hush up when he wrote “don’t do a lot actions”

Here, another new member who was concerned about getting ripped by Zed because he started getting warnings from others that he was going to get ripped and you’ll see what happens to him thereafter. But of course you already know:

Here’s a fake vouch by a now closed account:

And here’s another member notifying this member that he hacked that account:

Notice that this member “torcher” is also banned (for those who are not familiar with ABH when your name is in black it means your account is closed).

Here are others (of many more) who voiced their opinions and as a result…well, u know what happened:

Now, one final note to all current ABH members: All your PMs are not private at all. In fact, they clearly tell you that your messages are being read and monitored. Here’s a screenshot in case u haven’t noticed it(read the red letters):

So we all know that this is done for the purpose of ensuring you are not saying anything against T3eS and his scams to anyone. In case you think that “oh this is just paranoia and he’s not really reading my messages“, take a look a this:

Did u get it? He clearly banned a member after reading his private messages and bragged about it. So much for privacy, huh? Talk about “Big Brother at work“; a name that befits him justly. Big Brother watching your every move ensuring compliance with its tyrannical rules and that no one steps out of line by exposing the Big Boss for his scams.

So there you have it in black and white. All information you need in order to understand what is Alboraaq. The wool over your eyes has been removed and the truth is ugly. What you decide to do after this is solely up to you. We all must live with the consequences of the choices we make.


Defectorz Team Staff Of